To Have Sustainable Growth,
We First Must Have
Strong Root Sustainably

SMS We place our priority on the environment we are living in and communities we are with. What we do today is to make a better future, we believe 'Every Single Small Action Will Drive a Huge Impact in the Future.' As a modified starch manufacturer, we commit to keep operating our business to achieve sustainable value supply chain covering all three dimensions.

Our Sustainability


" Growing Together is Our Will, We Make Sure the Communities Have All Equalities Thoroughly. "


"Farmers are origin of every value Innovation, We Make Sure They Earn Affordability in Life and that We Consider it Sustainable Root."


" Nature Gives Us the Valuable Raw Material, We Make Sure our Responsible Production and Innovation We Do Will Return. "


Better Living

We commit to improving the life quality of people around us in terms of education and healthcare, assuring everyone can access the fundamental welfare equally.

  • Jobs and Incomes are central to building healthy local communities we are operating
  • We believe that having people educated and healthy will be a big pace to sustainable development.
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    Economic Growth

    Sustainable Prosperity must begin from downstream to upstream. We guarantee to always provide the fairest price to farmers through an open and transparent purchasing process. As farmers’ incomes rise, so does their demand both for farm inputs and services.

  • We push forward for farmers and the local community to gain more affordability through agricultural development and technologies.
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    “Farmers Must be Happy, the industry will Sustainably Grow”

    Better Environment

    The More Productivity they Make, the Prosperity they Become.
    What We Do is Support and Implement Know-How & Expertise to our farmers to maximize Tapioca Productivity.
    SMS Group has arranged monthly Cassava training to farmers members to advice the solution and instructions, applying technologies to better agricultural products with higher value.


    Better Environment

    We bring up all our innovation expertise to innovate sustainable approaches to both consumption and production. All-natural resources we proceed, we maximize productivities and turn back a Zero Waste to the Planet.

  • Creating the products that are friendly to our planet such as Plant-based solutions and Bioplastic to promote sustainable world
  • We take action seriously to reduce emissions in support of the worldwide Carbon Net-Zero Emission goal.
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    sms update news line From Will to Achievement

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    We are growing and we have a strong will to make a better living communities

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    Our innovation culture will prove all dimensions to innovate Sustainable Value Supply Chain.

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    Our commitment is central to long-term sustainable development and we really mean it.