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We practice the remarkable standards of ethics and professionalism
for all partners in our business valued chain.


SMS Farmer Membership System sms-underline

Our passion for this business extends through the entire supply chain. We are extremely proud to have been the first agricultural manufacturer to launch the Farmer Membership System in Thailand in 1993. This network provides support for local farmers who supply us with high quality raw materials.

The aims of program are to facilitate the local farmers’ well-being in terms of both their living and occupational wellness. We have established monthly training programs for farmers; providing knowledge about Tapioca cultivation best practices, updating the farmers on current economic conditions in the tapioca market and also advising on solutions for cassava disease in order to increase crop health and enhance production.


All of our membership farmers are treated equitably by the fairness and transparency of procurement process. We guarantee to always provide the fairest price to farmers through an open and transparent purchasing process. In an abundant agricultural country, we firmly believe that to be successful in this industry we must have strong roots connecting us to the local farming community.


Distributors sms-underline

Our capability to deliver premium products globally is due to our sophisticated network of distributors. We have knowledgeable distributors located in many countries around the world that have been well-trained in all aspects of modified tapioca products, including our innovative process and formulated solutions for each application to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

Strong relationships, mutual trust and credibility are vital to all of our business relationships. We continuously apply high-standards in corporate governance to every partner as the guiding principle to drive the business towards success with a focus on transparency and ethics.


We place great importance on dynamic growth, as we steadily develop our supply capacity to satisfy the continually growing global demand. SMS enthusiastically welcomes new potential distributors from any region to join our network and move forward together.


Customers sms-underline

We understand that market trends nowadays vary rapidly due to changes in lifestyle and health trends. Responding to customers changing needs in this dynamic market is our great challenge.

We value our customers’ satisfaction and trust above all else. This applies not only supplying the very best quality products but also contributing our expertise in order to solve any challenge that arises during the production process.


Relying on our team of experts, we have been successful for more than 30 years by combining premium material with state-of-the-art innovation to deliver the ultimate product performance. As we aim to conisitently exceed our customers’ expectations we are focused on adding more value to every solution to satisfy the needs of our end users.

SMS warmly welcomes all new customers across a variety of industries, whether they are large manufacturers, small and medium-sized enterprises, or newly launched start-ups. Our door is wide open and we hope to meet their needs with the most innovative starch solutions.


SMS Staff sms-underline

We Dare to Innovate, We Bare Transparency

Agriculture and innovation form the foundation of our culture. Our team of experts is devoted to the process of innovation to create the most advanced solutions to improve our products. Our experienced sales and technical teams are well-trained in the specific applications for the products. Our expert teams are each assigned responsibility for a particular application; including both food and non-food applications, providing the highest accuracy formulation, the most efficient product solutions, and technical support to customers throughout the entire process.


We utilize state-of-the-art machinery and technology to produce modified starch products of the highest quality. Our skilled engineers closely monitor every process during the production stage, assuring that everything is running perfectly. This powerful convergence of the ultra-modern technology and masterful expertise allows us to achieve operational excellence and supply the global market.


Educational Support Programs from SMS

Each year SMS encourages our staff to further their education, offering the scholarships at the Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral levels to company employees. The opportunity is widely available to employees in all departments, who have completed the relevant qualifications. The company organizes a variety of courses and seminars which we consider a vital investment to develop our human capital. We believe that these opportunities to broaden our experience and deepen our knowledge facilitate our company’s continued success.


Code of Conduct

We place great importance on ethics at all levels of our organization from the production line workers all the way up to the Board of Directors of SMS Group. We ensure that all of our employees respect, promote, and comply with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in daily life, emphasizing fairness, anti-corruption, and transparency among all departments. We believe that developing an ethical framework for employee behavior from inside the company is indispensable in creating the successful members of the larger society.


Message from SMS people

“Innovation has become our culture, the market is always changing and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to always go for further steps to deliver the best value to each product.”

Dr. Waesarat Soontornchaiboon
(Product Innovation Manager)


Message from SMS people

“Every financial process, we are stick to transparency and honesty that everyone here has to comply with. And it leads us to develop honest behavior.”

Miss Titima Doklamood
(Financial Officer)


Message from SMS people

“At production process we are not allowed to let even one little defect appear, as it can affect the whole product value”

Mr. Sontaya Phonsiri
(Senior Logistics Officer)