Reinforce Culture & Empower People toward the Shared Goals @Poonphol Townhall Meeting 2022

Reinforce Culture & Empower People toward the Shared Goals @Poonphol Townhall Meeting 2022 sms-underline

May 11th, 2022 Poonphol Group had organized Town Hall Meeting, having more than 300 employees from all 10 companies in the group attending. The honored boards of directors have altogether stated the vision and remarked on the corporate culture and new core values to employees which emphasized the direction to keep developing the organization.

All 10 subsidiaries company under the Poonphol Group are expanded to various industries; Poonphol Co., Ltd. (Holding & Trading), SMS Group, Sitthinan Co., Ltd, & Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd. (Agri-Business), C.E.S Co., Ltd. (Construction), Rangsit
Plaza Co., Ltd., Rangsit Ruam Patana Co.,Ltd. and Pipatansin Co., Ltd. (Property) and Poonpipat Co.,Ltd & Poon Udom Co.,Ltd. (Warehouse & Logistics).

The objectives of the town hall are to communicate the bigger picture to every employee, ensuring everyone understands the shared value and goals that the Group has set to accomplish together. the Town Hall meeting mainly discussed the importance of people empowerment, visible leadership, integrity, resilience, innovation culture, and individual wisdom which are the significant factors driving success. The president mentioned that each company has its own brand distinctive personality through absolute excellence both for goods and services and that is what everyone should implement and keep maintaining.

What’s more, the meeting is bringing innovation and business operation toward sustainable development goals, all employees are aware of sustainability value as corporate policy. Dr. Weerawat Lertwanawatana (CEO of SMS Group) has pushed innovation expertise towards sustainability trends of PLANT-BASED, introducing ‘Plant-based Steamed Bun’ to all attendees at the event, expressing the strong vision towards plant-based trends which will be very impactful in the market.

‘It’s better not just for health, but the world in the long term – the CEO stated. The implied message from this is that apart from the business proposals, we focus on innovation for positive change on the global scale and a strong will to achieve a sustainable world.

The town hall is organized to reinforce company culture and values, promoting the importance of employee alignment and shared goals, assuring everyone keeps on the same path through success together.