Siam Modified Starch Co., Ltd Burirum – One of SMS Group had been verified to join Thailand Carbon Neutral Network: TCNN sms-underline

February 25th 2022, SMS Group has joined MOU Signing Ceremony on Carbon Neutral Emission. The event was arranged to set out the goal for Thailand’s sustainable industry. More than 10 leading companies had been selected as a pioneer for reducing the carbon emission in the industrial scale regarding to the industrial capacity, knowledgeable manpower, and technology manipulation.

SMS Group as a leader of modified tapioca starch manufacturers, the company has always been conducting the business operation under the concept of ‘Release the least Waste, Innovate the Positive Change”, considered as a top priority of company’s core value. This is important for industrials to recognize the carbon emits issue and manipulate positive action on the environment.

The objective of MOU Signing ceremony is anticipated to tide up the leading companies in Thailand, consulting for the practical conduct for the company to reduce carbon emission as much as possible, this also includes carbon footprint calculation that complied to universal standard, which is impactful for Greenhouse gas phenomenon for country scale.

“Natural disaster and Greenhouse gas is not the issue that industrials should neglect, started taking serious action would result positive outcome in a long-term. SMS Group we are going to reduce 30% of carbon emission by 2030 and achieve the carbon neutral by 2050. We are truly appreciated for joining in this potential MOU agreement.” - Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana, CEO of SMS Group stated.

The company has determinedly committed to keep pushing forward the responsible production and innovating the positive impact to communities we are living and the environment we are living in.