SMS GROUP Drives Forward Bio Economy for Thailand Sustainable Growth

SMS GROUP has cooperated with the Sustainable Development & Sufficient Economy Center of NIDA, pushing the BCG Model sms-underline

March 3rd, CEO of SMS GROUP - Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana has stated the interview, emphasizing on Bio-Circular-Green Economy and the SMS pathway to achieve BCG models through tapioca innovation. The Sustainable Development & Sufficient Economy Center has established the project to include all scales sector to cooperate for achieving BCG models.

The program was set to cover all areas for sustainable development including climate change, renewable energy, food security, technology & innovation, and creative economy. On behalf of a leading manufacturer in the Tapioca starch industry, Dr. Werawat – CEO of SMS has pointed out the importance of agricultural products for greater innovation that finally come back for a better environment. The company prioritizes technological research and development in search of novel ways to add value to tapioca which is one of Thailand’s most important revenue-generating crops.

“One of our great pride is innovating positive change to environment through TAPIOPLAST® which we merge innovation into traditional crops, producing the biodegradable bags that are naturally compostable within 4 months without leaving microplastic to the environment” – CEO stated. The product model was established to drive forward sustainability, aiming to promote zero waste in many dimensions; water, clean energy, and waste, this is trying to make the most of natural resources friendly to the environment.

‘In the now of creative economy, it is vital for us to always translate great ideas to impactful products for sustainable business supply chain’ – CEO added.

SMS GROUP is committed to developing the communities we are living with and the environment we are living in through knowledge, expertise, and innovation, creating a positive change for our society.