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SMS Group Held Seminar ‘Biodegradable Mulch Film Application’ sms-underline

On November 2, SMS Group hosted the seminar and workshop to educate the knowledge of tapioca starch innovation for biodegradable product application to farmers by having honored guest Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana (CEO of SMS Group) stating the vision and seminar opening speech.

Begin by giving farmers a lecture on starch innovation for various industries and how it can be applied to sustainable farming. The ideal concept is pointed out to achieve the bio-circular economy. Since tapioca starch is a bio-raw material and is passed through technology and innovation where it turns into sustainable products ‘biodegradable mulch film’ which will be used for plantations without leaving any residues on the environment.

SMS farmer members are well-trained to apply bio-mulch film for cassava plantation, to maximize their productivity with a sustainable approach through tapioca starch innovation. Farmers are the origin of raw material for all starch innovations. It is important for them to understand and appreciate how their cassava roots can create greater value in many industries.
SMS as a tapioca manufacturer, we commit to creating greater value for tapioca products through innovation to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly, and sustainable products.