Poonphol Group joined MOU Signing Ceremony - Raising the Standards of Thai Engineering

Poonphol Group joined MOU Signing Ceremony - Raising the Standards of Thai Engineering sms-underline

The agreement was signed to advance and support Thai engineers to the next level by implementing expertise, technological know-how, and capability, in preparation for the rapid change in technology, economics, and society in the near future. Empowering engineers' manpower and providing opportunities will be critical for Thai engineers to achieve the international standard for sustainable development.

Poonphol Group has always been constantly developing and raising production standards, ensuring that all processes meet universal standards while reducing energy consumption and preserving environmental sustainability. 

At this ceremony, there were many experts in engineering in all fields who have the potential to drive the Thai engineering industry to a global scale by supporting experts, developing innovation, and improving efficiency.

"Through this development, we truly intend to drive all of our businesses in the Poonphol Group. The goal is aimed at being achieved in the next 3 years. We want to launch this model to support engineering knowledge, security management, and renewable energy practice to all our engineers in the group, which finally improves the overall state of our country. " —Dr. Werawat stated.

We will open our doors as Engineering Knowledge Hubs, hosting research, engineering workshops, seminars, and exhibitions to support and educate university students. With this, we believe that Thai engineers will be competent and have potential on an international scale. "added Mr. Adul Premprasert, the CEO of Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Company.

Dr. Piyabutr Wanichpongpan, Assoc. Prof. also added, "This project will benefit all segments; government, private, and the public in the field of engineering."  

The main purposes of this ceremony between Poonphol Group and the Thai Council of Engineers are (1) advancing Thai engineering industries to the universal standard along with sustainability (2) Providing public engineering seminars and workshops(3) Enforcing legal license for engineers to ensure legal compliance.(4) identifying shared goals across the country; (5) developing curriculum; (6) encouraging the Poonphol group to serve as a host to support knowledge, security, and renewable energy; and (7) achieving universal standards ISO 17020.(8) supporting engineers in the group to present advanced innovation project

We, Poonphol Group, are glad to be part of driving Thai engineering for the international pathway. We are committed to innovating and supporting Thai societies for greater goals and keep growing together and sustainable