Innovative Tapioca Starch for Locust Bean Gum Alternative

The Competitive Solution for Broad Range of food products with Safety Standard sms-underline

The price of locust bean gum powder has been increasing considerably in recent years due to supply shortage. Derived from carob seeds, it is an additive used for thickening and stabilizing in a broad range of food products including dairy, bakery, and pet foods. The search for alternatives continues and in spite of many reformulation attempts the innovative solution was still missing.

In addition, contamination by ethylene oxide in locust bean gum has recently led to a mass recall in the EU where it is banned in many countries for food production. Ethylene oxide is a chemical used as a pesticide, fumigant, or sterilizing agent. In the EU, the use of ethylene oxide as a pesticide or for the disinfection of food is not permitted. Classified by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as a mutagen, carcinogen, and reproductive toxicant. Because there is no safe exposure level of ethylene oxide, manufacturers and consumers are looking for a more label-friendly solution.

SMS introduces KREATION®Y910 modified tapioca starch as a ready alternative for locust bean gum. Application of KREATION®Y910 in ice cream as a thickener and stabilizer provides a smooth texture, bland taste, clean flavor, and retard melting. KREATION®Y910 may also replace locust bean gum in other applications to be more cost-effective and more label-friendly.

SMS offers you a comprehensive portfolio of tapioca-based product solutions. Our food specialists are available for support, to enable you to perfect thickening and stabilizing formulas. Depending on your process conditions and final applications, SMS has innovative solutions to improve the product, process, and cost.