Innovative Approach to Influence the Bioeconomy Global Value Chain

Innovative Approach to Influence the Bioeconomy Global Value Chain sms-underline

March 25th, the CEO of SMS Group, Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana, was invited as an interviewee to share the vision on “Development strategies in the Ecological transition: Structural Trajectories in Green Economy Sector. The interview was aimed to identify the structure and factors of the bioeconomy global value chain.

Dr. Werawat has shared the vision of the global impact the world is now facing and the important roles of the industrial that could help generate the positive outcome in terms of introducing innovation, knowledge, and technology to produce sustainable products for a sustainable world.

Thai bioeconomy will reach 25% of GDP in the next 4-5 years estimated by BOI, leading sectors are included clean energy, food ingredient, bioplastic, and natural rubber. Bio-material is the main raw material of SMS Group which is conversed for various functions in both food and non-food application.

"SMS Group we take this issue seriously, modified tapioca starch is bio-based raw material, then we adopt innovation expertise to finally launch out TAPIOPLAST – rubber compound as novel material in bioplastic solution." – the CEO said.
Apart from the Bioplastic solutions, the CEO also outlined the mainstream of plant-based – sustainable meats for a sustainable world, its wholesomeness is considered 'Better for Health, Better for the world'.

“The reason is that we foresee the impact in the long future due to health and sustainability concerns. So, we innovate a plant-based solution to cover all kinds of plant-based culinary, driving huge positive environmental impact” – the CEO stated.

CEO also highlighted that only Bio-material, circular, and green are not the answer for reducing global warming if we are still using energy from fossil-based but reducing carbon emission is the impactful and sustainable answer. The action is needed to implement the regulation on emitting Carbon from plants and manipulating Carbon absorption.

On the whole, SMS Group appreciates having been conducting business under the BCG model (Bio-Circular-Economy) and truly believes that synergy from many sectors will push forward Thailand to achieve the bioeconomy Global Value Chain.