TAPIOPLAST® Open House 2022 – Thermoplastic Starch for Sustainability sms-underline

On July 27th, SMS hosted Open House demonstrating ‘the Journey of SMS Starch Plastic, TAPIOPLAST®’ having more than 20 manufacturers from the plastic industry and members of the Thai bioplastic Industrial Association attended.
At the event, there were many topics lectured by SMS specialist team. Starting with the CEO vision by Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana) toward the bioplastic market and the milestone of TAPIOPLAST. Followed by the market trend of bioplastics, opportunities for bioplastics in the global market, and the importance of international standard certification.

Apart from speech, there were displays of TAPIOPLAST® under the concept ‘Field, Factory, Functionality, & Finished Products’. This narrates the story of TAPIOPLAST® from the origin ‘Cassava Root’ through modification to be ‘Starch’, then value adding to have a competent functionality, and finally become an innovative product for a sustainable world. This is our great pride to be an agricultural manufacturer that adapts innovation to agricultural products and promotes environmental sustainability.

We would like to thank all honored guests for joining us at TAPIOPLAST® Open House 2022, it was impressive to have discussed and exchanged know-how expertise of the bioplastic industry together. We look forward to cooperating and encouraging the bioplastic market to be a vital key to achieving a bio-circular economy and promoting environmental sustainability.