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SMS joined the seminar on Wheat Crisis & Opportunities of Tapioca Starch in the Food industry sms-underline

Thai people are estimated to consume wheat approximately 39 Kg per person each year. Wheat growth was about 6.8% last year. Since wheat prices has been exceedingly fluctuated and has brought an impactful effect on the food industry. Due to the fact that wheat is one of the main staple food in many countries, food manufacturers are now seeking wheat alternatives to keep serving the food markets.
On August 29th, the event started with a discussion among important people in the food industry including Mrs. Anong Phaijitprapaporn (The Director of National food Institute), Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana (CEO of SMS Corporation), Miss. Sureeyot Kowasurat (the Managing Director of Ubon Bio Ethanol PCL.) and Asst. Prof. Dr. Natthiya Buensanteai (Department of Plant Pathology, Suranaree University), highlighted the opportunities of Tapioca products as a wheat alternative.
Dr. Werawat Leartwanawatana highlighted at the event that ‘modified tapioca starch will be a vital key for the food industry to get through this wheat crisis both for the short and long term. ‘One of our strengths is that tapioca is Thailand’s agricultural product and we will not bare the risk of importing it, "Dr. Werawat added.
Adding value to tapioca is to have its structure and properties modified to be equivalent to other starches, including wheat, corn, and potatoes, and available to use in various food applications while offering high product quality. Another competitive advantage that tapioca can deliver to the market is gluten-free solutions in bakery, bread, snack, and noodle products. Since people now focus more on their health and allergies, there is a lot of space for gluten-free products to capture market opportunities.
At the event, many food manufacturers from both government agencies and the private sector attended the seminar and exchanged know-how to push forward Thai tapioca starch to sustain food security in the future.
SMS display was set to demonstrate the versatile use of tapioca in food industries and how its functionality can improve food product for better quality. SMS we are glad to be invited to this event, we are happy to be a Thai-national modified tapioca starch manufacturer and we look forward to supporting the food market through our innovative starch solution for food sustainability.