SMS starch solution for mayonnaise, emulsifier, thickener, modified tapioca starch

SMS Together with PROXES showcasing at PROPAK ASIA 2022 sms-underline

June 15th 2022, at PROPAK under the theme ‘Sustainability in processing and Packaging for Our Better World, SMS and PROXES have partnered and showcased at Booth AI 31 Bitec Bangna, Bangkok, and demonstrating Perfect Thickening & Stabilizing Formulas to Food Products through Competitive Machine & SMS Food Solutions.
Leading SMS Food Specialist team by Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana – CEO of SMS Corporation and great business partner Mr. Donghui Kim – Managing Director of Proxes Asia Pacific.
‘The Way to have Perfect Product is to have the Right Machine and the Right Food Solution’ – Dr. Werawat Stated. At the booth, many food recipes are demonstrated to all visitors, showing the capability of competitive machine in food processing together with ingredient solutions that helps enhance machine performance and better food texture.
Today, Vegan Mayonnaise was demonstrated to visitors, showing the excellence of Starch Solution ‘EMULTEC Series & GENIGEL Series’ in Stephan Universal Machine. There will also be food demonstrations throughout the PROPAK event; Custard Filling (June 16th), Fish Ball, Sweet Potato Filling, and Lemon Honey Sauce (June 18th).
For those who are interested, SMS Food Solutions and PROXES machines are suitable for various food applications including soup, sauce, dressing, and filling.
Meet us and explore the innovative solutions and technology for food processing and expand your product opportunities together.