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SMS Special Highlighted Solution at Fi Europe 2023 sms-underline

A Big Thank to All Business Partners for Visiting Us at Fi Europe 2023, it was a valuable event to have met and discussed the novel innovation to proffer greater quality to the food industry. As the global leader in modified tapioca starch manufacturers, we highlighted the starch solutions as the key to perfecting various kinds of food profiles, including ideal texturizing solutions, optimal thickening solutions, and functional & authentic solutions.

SMS texturizing solutions are finely formulated to provide delectable textures to various food applications: baked goods, bakery, meat, meat analogs, noodles, and snacks. The solutions are applied to improve softness, chewiness, elasticity, crispness, and long shelf life.

Onto thickening solutions, are specially developed to enhance the overall profile of liquid foods such as soup, sauce, dressing, and beverages to have desirable mouthfeel, smoothness, optimal viscosity, high process tolerance, and excellent freeze-thaw stability.   

To catch up with the global health & wellness trend, we also highlighted functional & authentic solutions for a wide range of food applications, perfecting the products with more nutrition, like fiber and also implementing clean & natural ingredients. 

Our specialists and technician support are available for all business partners and ready to translate your great ideas into possibilities and we look forward to seeing you guys soon