The First English Camp 2020 at Baan Nong Wang School - The Tapioca Partnership School during 23-27th

The First English Camp 2020 at the Tapioca Partnership School during 23-27th November sms-underline

English camp opened by Mr. Chatchai Jatunawarat from Siam Quality Starch Co., Ltd as the principal. During five-day camping, the students from grade 5-8 got a chance to participate and learn basic English usage in daily life. The objective of the camp is to support the English educational curriculum via response-stimulating activities, pushing up self-esteem and self-development to the Thai young generation.
In each different activity, the students were organized into a group of 8-10, learning the skill in speaking, listening, responding, brainstorming, and teamwork skill.

Besides, SMS corporation has set the workshop of bubble tea by demonstrating how to do DIY Tapioca pearl while learning certain words and all methods in English. The act was not only aimed to educate the importance of English language usage, but also implement the general knowledge in skill of living so that the students could apply it into their daily life for further future.

Thanks to all collaborations from many organizations, the company always looks forward to supporting the educational sector and push up the Thai economy, agriculture, and youth to the global standardization.