Thai Waxy Tapioca x20 propagation by TAPIOPLAST® inside Bio-Compostable Nursery bags sms-underline

Feb 24th, SMS Group partners with Thantawan Industry PCL. arranged Thai Waxy Tapioca Propagation to farmers, held by Mr. Khem Wanglee – managing director of SMS Group and Mr. Detbordin Riensubdee– Deputy Managing Director of Thantawan Industry PLC.

Firstly, the farmers were instructed about the deep knowledge of Waxy Tapioca x20 by the technical team from Siam Quality Starch, expecting the proper expansion with high productiveness of cassava production. The uniqueness of this new Waxy Tapioca is highlighted in its capacity of expanding the number of plantations, it enables 20units from 1 cassava stem (1meter).    

Another highlight was emphasized on the 1,000 TAPIOPLAST® inside bio-compostable nursery bags to each farmer, encouraging the sustainable propagation with the innovation of SMS starch plastic, TAPIOPLAST® which provides its degradation rate within 90 days. 

Afterward, farmers were led to plant nurseries by the technical team to show the practical cultivation and demonstrated detailed plant parenting.

This campaign is aimed to implement the multiple tapioca production for farmers, promote Thai agricultural production with eco-friendly Bio-compostable innovation, to help creating sustainable growth for the Thai agricultural sector.

SMS Group and Thantawan Industry PCL thank all collaboration team to have assisted to drive this sustainable project for long-run agricultural development.