TAPIOPLAST Donation for sustainability

SMS pushes forward TAPIOPLAST®inside, for promoting sustainable environment and achieving circular economy. sms-underline

June 18th, SMS Corporation, Thongpoon Wanglee foundation, and LINKS No.1 (leadership, innovative, network, knowledge, and social engagement faculty), have cooperated to donate 3,000 TAPIOPLAST®inside – biodegradable plastic bags by having Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai SAntiwatanakul (the president of Srinakharinwirot University) and Asst. Prof. Acting 2nd LT.Dr. Kittikoon Rungruang (Vice President for Ongkharak Campus and Physical Development) as honored representative at the event.

This donation was planned to apply biodegradable plastic bags TAPIOPLAST®inside in Srinakharinwirot University campus, there are 2 types: shopping bags and garbage bags, providing in the areas for shopping and organic waste purposes. The campus has foreseen the practical use in term of pollution reduction, circular economy, and zero waste which could be improved by using biodegradable plastic bags.

Since TAPIOPLAST®inside is derived from cassava and it has been guaranteed 100% compostable within 90-120 days by microorganism in proper temperature and moisture content, and they leave no micro-plastic to environment, it is vital key to encourage realistic zero waste and promote sustainability in the larger scale.

The organizations understand the enormous number of plastic bags has been used, especially in the pandemic crisis. However, we could manage the waste better if we adjust plastic usage pattern to preserve environment and help driving society to practice sustainable daily-life routine for our better world.