SMS donated TAPIOPLAST®inside Survival Bags to 'Food For Fighter'

SMS has joined the donation 'Food For Fighter' through TAPIOPLAST®inside Survival Bags sms-underline

June 3rd, 2021 Mr. Apichat Wanglee (Chairman of Thongpoon Wanglee Foundation) and SMS Corporation have cooperated to donate 3,000 TAPIOPLAST®inside – the biodegradable plastics bags to the project ‘Food for Fighters’ established by Miss Punchana Wattanasatian. TAPIOPLAST®inside is donated as survival bag that contains many necessary household items such as hand sanitizers, surgical mask, instant noodle, Kook Vegetable cooking oil, and Pine Brand bean vermicelli to the communities that have been impacted from the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The founder of the project has explained that the survival bags are extremely in need in many areas as the pandemic has gone widespread this time, on average 1 survival bag can last for 3 days in medium 3-5 people family.

Mr. Apichat Wanglee has foreseen that the enormous amount of plastic use during the pandemic is crucial and might have led to the severe plastics problem afterwards thus, TAPIOPLAST® inside could be the suitable items to help community in term of personal hygiene while being friendly to environment. Dr. Tuangporn Tukomane (Sales Manager of SMS Corporation) stated that TAPIOPLAST®inside is derived from cassava and has been evaluated according to international standard EN 13432 and ISO 17088 which guaranteed the 100% degradation rate within 90-120 days by microorganism under proper temperature and moisture content without leaving micro-plastic into environment.

The companies have realized the necessary use of plastic in this inevitable situation and insist to help support community while achieving circular economy and sustainability.