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Poonphol Group Hosted Kathin Ceremony at Lhong 1919 sms-underline

Poonphol Group and Thongpoon Wanglee Foundation hosted the annual religious event ‘Kathin Ceremony’ on November 27th at Lhong 1919, - Wanglee Historical House. The ceremony was aimed at expressing gratitude to Buddhist monks and bringing donations of new robes for the monks to Thongtammachart Voraviharn Temple. At the ceremony, board management, Poonphol Group employees, and the public gathered to make merit together on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of Poonphol.

Over the past 80 years, Poonphol Group has always placed a priority on enriching communities, traditional religion, buildings, and other public properties, promoting sustainable development in society. "It is our top priority to always support and nurture the communities we are living with since Poonphol was established." Mr. Danai-Thanit Bisalputra (Managing Director of Poonphol Group) stated.

The utmost core values of Poonphol Group in running businesses are integrity toward all stakeholders, natural resource preservation, and community growth. These core values are implemented to cover all dimensions, including education, religion, health & wellness, medication & welfare, and environment. All policies and activities are set to maximize benefits to the environment and communities for sustainable development.