Fresh mortar with excellent mobility sms-underline

To make a fresh mortar with good mobility but without the problematic stickiness of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), SMS recommends an innovative starch ether “EXCELCON” which provides thickening, anti-sagging and anti-slipping properties to mortars with excellent workability for skim coat and wall tile adhesive.

EXCELCON 300 provides shear-thinning property to the mortar which is important for good workability to decrease work time and finish with better quality. For the thick-layer applications or wall tile adhesive, EXCELCON A850 provides high yield stress, improving the anti-sagging and anti-slipping property.

Combining HPMC and EXCELCON results in an optimized mortar suited for various applications; wall putty, skim coat, plastering mortar or tile adhesive at a competitive cost.