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TAPIOPLAST®TPS, a thermoplastic starch

TAPIOPLAST®TPS, a thermoplastic starch, to promote the use of affordable biodegradable plastics to achieve the sustainable world

TAPIOPLAST®TPS is a bio-resin product made from natural tapioca starch, specially designed for blending with common biodegradable resins to make biodegradable products with a faster compostable rate, more bio-content, and more affordable cost.

TAPIOPLAST®TPS is a Din Certco (Germany) certified compostable thermoplastic starch resin according to the international standards ISO 17088:2012 and DIN EN 13432:2000-12. TAPIOPLAST®TPS is made from completely renewable resource, tapioca starch.

TAPIOPLAST®TPS provides excellent compatibility with other biodegradable resins including, PLA, PHA, and PBAT which are suitable for the blown film extrusion process, conventional sheet film extrusion, and injection molding to produce completely biodegradable products.

TAPIOPLAST®TPS provides important benefits as the following.

• Compatibility: TAPIOPLAST®TPS can be compounded with various polymers up to 30-50% of the total contents to acquire higher bio-content and a faster rate of biodegradability.

• Sustainability: TAPIOPLAST®TPS is made from totally renewable tapioca starch and contains 100% bio-based raw material.

• Biodegradability: TAPIOPLAST®TPS is completely compostable as certified by Din Certco. When blending with other biodegradable polymers, TAPIOPLAST®TPS helps increase the rate of biodegradation. Products containing Tapioplast inside would biodegrade faster.

• Bio-content: TAPIOPLAST®TPS increases the bio-content of products directly proportionally according to the content of Tapioplast inside.

• Cost-effectiveness: The cost of TAPIOPLAST®TPS is lower than most biodegradable and bio-based polymers, therefore TAPIOPLAST®TPS makes more affordable biodegradable plastic products.

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