Select the Cost-Effective Solution for the higher Productivity of Corrugated Boards with SMS C500 sms-underline

The adhesive is always the vital key to manufacturing strong and durable corrugated boards for high product performance and quality. An innovative tapioca-based solution is essential for increasing productivity, improving sheet board strength and glue stability, and boosting machine-runnability.

SMS C500 is specially designed and formulated to be applied as an additive in corrugated board productions. SMS C500 can be used for both “carrier” and “Non-carrier” systems. SMS C500 gives an excellent performance by its rapid migration of liquid starch adhesive to generate bondings in recycled paper. A faster setting time, which improves machine runnability and productivity, is also achieved with SMS C500.


SMS C500 provides versatile features and benefits as follows:

  • Faster development of green bond especially for non-carrier systems, enabling 100% recycled paper or high-size press paper.
  • Maximize Adhesion Power, full gelatinization between liner and medium leading to strong bonding.
  • Utmost machine efficiency, higher machine speed without delamination and waste

Enhance the corrugated board quality with the most cost-effective solution ‘SMS C500’ to achieve higher productivity while remaining environmental-friendly.

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