Adding supreme efficiency to paper production with PROMPTSIZE 30 sms-underline

To run the perfect paper production, the excellent emulsifying agent to help blend water and Alkyl Succinic Anhydrides (ASA) is essentially needed at the wet end process. It provides effective cellulose fiber retention and water repellency to paper and paper board.

However, the use of unsuitable emulsifying agent for emulsification with ASA usually causes the sticky and deposit problems resulting in poor machine runnability. Hence, SMS introduces PROMPTSIZE 30, a ready-to-use cationic liquid starch as ASA emulsifier, optimizing cost by enhancing ASA emulsification performance

PROMPTSIZE 30 provides following benefits:

  • Controllable viscosity range
  • Consistent particle size emulsion
  • Less ASA hydrolysis
  • Lower overall sizing costs
  • Improve machine runnability
  • Cost optimization

PROMPTSIZE 30 must be diluted with water prior to emulsification with ASA. An acceptable ratio of 1: 1 of PROMPTSIZE 30 to ASA is recommended for most applications.

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