Casein Replacer sms-underline

Keep perfect emulsification with cost optimization 

Nowadays, there are many people who are allergic to milk protein. Thus, non-dairy creamer in beverage has merged to be an alternative for people. However, the cost of sodium caseinate is quite high. Our emulsifying starch solution KREAM 21, KREAM 1516 and KREAM VG can effectively help solve this problem by providing an excellent emulsion stability and bland taste without interfering the flavor and functioning just as sodium caseinate. 

Fat Replacer sms-underline

Deliver your fatty food with the least spent  

It is deniable that fat with rich creamy texture and mouth feel makes food and bakery products taste way much more delicious than low-fat ones. However, to response to trend of low-fat food for good health, the fat replacer is extremely needed by low-calories products manufacturers, not only by its performance but its price as well. To make the better low-fat product, we proudly introduce starch solution LYTETEC and D-PERSE®1 which can help you optimize the cost of production but proficiently maintain the excellent performance in term of flavor, full mouthfeel and, creamy texture just as original fat does. We do replace fat for the better and healthier food for consumer to enjoy through our innovative solution. 

Gelatin Replacer sms-underline

Deliver your bouncing gummy jelly with less spend  

Gelatin is one of the most commonly used ingredients in many food products; gummy jelly, yogurt, and meat chunk in jelly. Gelatin’s properties are to improve gel formation, increase elasticity, glossy texture. Nevertheless, there is still a limitation for some consumers like; vegan and vegetarian. But we prove to blend that boundary by providing starch solutions KREATION® A115, KREATION PC, KREATION 5N with different level of gelatin for gummy jelly, enhancing an excellence of elastic, glossy, and chewy texture. KREAMERY GF is used to provide a sensory attribute of yogurt which is similar to gelatin. It also improves stability in yogurt. SUPREME PM1 is formulated to boost the glossy and elastic texture for meat chunk in jelly for pet food.  With these competitive solutions, you will surely get your cost optimized with the best outcome.

Potato Alternative sms-underline

Deliver potato starch alternative with preferable performance, security of supply and less spend 

In general, potato starch offers unique properties such as translucency, long gel structure, water-holding capacity, glossy and bland taste, applying in various application; noodles, processed meat, dumplings, and snack food. During recent years, potatoes have been in shortage crisis, many manufacturers had deal with the alternative solutions to continually run their food products. As SMS, we bring out the ultra-performance of modified tapioca starches for potato alternative solution. Providing various application uses; meat products – KREATION® M2 and KREATION® 10CL, frozen product – KREATION OP, KREATION D2 and snack products– KREATION® 10CS. With the impressive outcome in water retention, yield and texture improvement and freeze-thaw stability, we ensure to solve and replace all potatoes’ properties.