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Be Healthy

SMS is the global leader of modified tapioca starch for the use in various industries, including food, paper, adhesive, textile, and construction industries.

Clean Label sms-underline

Clean Label

Keep clean and maintain preferable functionalities. 

We realized how important that people on the go who have concerned about their dietary. The chemical sounding name in food label gave an unhealthy in consumers’ perception. That’s why we create clean label solutions Natura®Series, functional native starches to serve consumer’s demand. With its well performances in texturizing and thickening, Natura Series performs as a food ingredient which can be used in all kind of food products, and also remain the same flavor as the original texture and taste.

Gluten-Free sms-underline

Keep acceptable texturizing system with gluten-free formulation 

In the high increasing of population with gluten intolerance, we have taken that challenge to create a new way for them to enjoy their food with similar taste and texture. Due to gluten has the unique functional property creating taste and texture in food products. Taking off gluten in a bakery product does effect on the structure, texture and elasticity from poor dough elasticity, making dry and grainy texture. With SMS innovative starch solution KREATION®D8, you will effectively get the excellent water-holding capacity, giving out the soft and elastic baked goods, maintaining product’s volume, improving process ability and extending shelf life stability. You can deliver the eating experience as your consumers want.

Phosphate-Free sms-underline

Keep fresh texture along its shelf life without harmful to consumer’s health 

The excessive consumption of phosphate is harmful to health, therefore food manufacturers are recommended to label phosphate in food containing phosphate additive. Recently many types of fast food contain phosphate additive. The medical record appears that excessive phosphate consumption is associated with increased popularity of cardiovascular diseases. Because of the limitation of phosphate usage in food industry, SMS understands the fact and that’s why we provide the phosphate-free starch solution for meat marinade, the main food material for the fast food chain.
KREATION®1202 and KREATION®MJ can help you keep marinated meat with juiciness and freshness, high cooking yield even in a steamed, a frozen or a chilled condition, to serve the best product qualities to consumers and save their health from this concerned problem.
On top of that, SMS provides the clean label solution for consumers who prefer clean label food products. Natura®Y68, the functional native starch, provides high cooking yield and juiciness without using phosphate or any chemical in the formula. This solution fulfills the satisfaction of health-conscious consumers.

Low Fat sms-underline

Keep good health along with good palatability 

As commonly known, obesity has skyrocketed in nowadays and people are avoiding fat in food as possible as they can. However, deliciousness always comes together with fatty food. This brought us to solve the challenge with LYTETEC® and D-PERSE®1 starch solution, to give good mouthfeel and taste that very similar to fat in low calories products. Consumers can enjoy full fat mouthfeel mayonnaise with unpredictable low oil consumption.  Moreover, they can feel full fat taste of low fat yogurt, low fat sponge cake or low fat butter cake through SMS starch solutions.

Low Sugar sms-underline

Keep enjoy your favorite menu with less sugar  

The serious consequence of diabetes has come, thus low-sugar food and beverage consuming is what people is looking for. Not only due to the obesity threat, but also the limitation of sugar usage in recent years, many manufacturers have tried to reduce the dose of sugar in their product, upon each country’s regulation and the sugar tax. However, cutting sugar out from food has an effect on mouth feel and viscosity in food, and it leads to unstable food structure. By this, we emphasize this important matter and come up with the innovative starch solutions KREATION® FM as a mouthfeel enhancer without disrupting viscosity for low-fat beverage like drinking yogurt and 3-in-1 beverage. KREATION® 621 is created to increase viscosity like sugar does. SAUCETEC 637 is used to improve viscosity and glossy appearance for liquid food such as jam and sauce. It is now sure, you can deliver the low-fat sugary product with the right texture and standard for consumers to enjoy. 

High Fiber sms-underline

Keep your daily diet full of rich nutrition  

Fiber is one of essential nutrients of daily life. Getting enough Fiber in each day does uncountable benefit to your health. On the other hand, insufficient fiber intake per day can have a negative effect on health such as risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and risk of cancer. This bring the golden opportunity for food manufacturers to reformulate their products toward healthier. Resistant starch has been introduced into the food market, with its high resistance to digestion which has characteristic as fiber but provides the better performance for food and bakery texture. We bring out PHYBOPLUS 1, the insoluble fiber fortifying starch that can help you formulate fiber-rich bakes goods without interfering taste, flavor, and texture of products. PHYBOPLUS 1 contains resistant starch that enables resist to digestive system, providing various health benefits like dietary and fiber acts. 

Non- GMO sms-underline

Keep be freshest for the best quality  

SMS Tapioca products are certified Non-GMO in accordance to Thailand government policy. Our Non-GMO has unique performance characteristics including viscosity profile and bland taste for food and non-food applications. Our sustainable value chain starts from farm fresh roots through continuous production and distribution with qualified technical support. We assure that all manufacturers and consumers will have tapioca products with Non-GMO guaranteed standard.