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Keep it fast to experience the right taste  

Consumption rate of instant soup and noodle is highly increasing nowadays. The challenge for the on-the-go trend has laid on the faster rate of cooking time and how handy for consumer. To serve the fast-going lifestyle of consumer but still remain the favorable taste and texture, reducing cooking time and food preparation is vitally a key for food manufacturer to keep up. Our solutions KREATION® SS, KREATION® NE and GENIGEL® SERIES are formulated to facilitate in reducing time of instant noodle cooked and condensed soup, improve elastic texture and mouthfeel within the fastest time, and provide an excellent bland taste to reach out consumer’s lifestyle. 

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Keep it fresh to deliver the Quick meal  

As rapid growth as it is, Ready-To-Eat food and frozen food are on the go. By its convenience, we understand that consumers are looking for the right and fresh texture as they were just cooked. That’s why we create the modified starch solutions that are designed to keep the savory texture and taste as if freshly cooked meal, no more interference from water separation, hard texture, and ice crystallization. Our solutions KREATION®MB and KREATION®1202 are applied for meat marinates to improve juiciness of meat. For sauce and soup, SAUCETEC 637 performs as a performed thickener and stabilizer.

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Keep it simple to prepare yours 

In this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trend, people love what is easy to prepare and delivers excellent performance. An easy pre-mixed food and bakery preparation is in the hit to respond to people’s lifestyle. The challenge for the manufacturers is to provide the most convenient and easiest ingredient preparation to consumers. By that, we proudly present GENIGEL® SERIES modified starch solution for pre-mixes products as the cold water swelling starch, improving stability of the products during the process, softness and chewiness texture, excellence moisture retention and longer shelf life. With this new convenient way of cooking, we ensure to make your life easier and fulfill your satisfaction.

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Keep it simple and easy to transform  

Generally, transferring oil-based liquid into powder requires emulsion liquid with water process and passes on to spray dry, which consumes a long time and leads to flavor profile loss. To solve this problem, SMS comes up with the new One-Stop Station to short cut the transformation process in the easiest way with minimum loss. The ultra-innovative starch solution to convert oil and water-based into a free-flowing powder has emerged for food seasoning, oil-based vitamins, and other flavoring agents. D-PERSE®CAP, the excellent oil to powder transformer without spray drying, gives out the most convenient process with ultimate oil loading capacity. KREATION®PS, the modified starch with sponge-like structure, effectively increases surface for absorption capacity in order to keep the high condensed flavor with the minimized expense.