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Natura One for Frozen food and Ready-to-eat Meal

The global Ready-To-Eat food market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4.3%. Due to the new normal behavior and the demand for frozen food products during the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers find their comfort in cooking at home by selecting foods which are convenient and healthy. The key challenge for frozen food manufacturers is to deliver while maintaining the premium quality, the appetizing appearance, and the desirable taste & texture through their cold chain, starting from a production process, transportation, display storage, all the way to consumers’ consumptions.

SMS offers a starch solution to frozen foods’ challenge with ‘Natura® One', the superior functional Waxy tapioca starch to expand your frozen food products as a clean label meeting the demand for quality food and a healthy diet.



Natura®One provides the following versatile benefits by nature:
• Clean label ingredient
• Superior water-holding capacity
• Excellent freeze-thaw stability
• Shorter cooking-time
• Reduced dough cracking
• Glossy appearance
• Prolonged shelf-life

Keep up the convenient lifestyle with the high-quality and impressive texture with our waxy tapioca starch solution - Natura®One
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Natura One for Ready Meal