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Improve your desirable Dysphagia food with HI-PERSE™ CLEAR

As the elder market is growing due to the increasing elder population, the food innovation is now developed according to the elder’s body system. The food texture modification is essentially introduced to help people who have Dysphagia condition (swallowing difficulty). Dysphagia commonly leads to anorexia and sufficient nutrition deficit. Hence, rheological modification of food is needed to solve the challenge.

SMS, we come up with HI-PERSE™ CLEAR as food thickeners to improve rheology, product viscosity, stability, and desirable mouthfeel, which are applicable for various food and beverages to get your consumers enjoy their diet and better health.

HI-PERSE™ CLEAR provides versatile benefits; 

• Desirable Clearness
• No color and taste interference
• Viscosity consistency
• Easy dispersions at low mixing speed
• Fast viscosity both in hot and cold condition
• Good appearance for food decoration

Solve dysphagia problems with HI-PERSE™ CLEAR, to bring the deliciousness and healthiness to your valued consumers.

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