Enhance the desirable meat-like texture with I-BIND™, the easy way to plant-based culinary. sms-underline

all purpose meatless product

Let us help you translate a great idea into delicious plant-based foods via I-BIND™

In comparison with typical livestock meats, plant-based meat offers a healthier choice because plant-based meat is free from cholesterol, antibiotics, and hormones. These healthy attributes make plant-based meat increasingly attractive to everyone. Both vegetarians as well as flexitarians turn to meat alternatives for better health, better tastes, and sustainability. With the growing demand, many food companies are interested in creating their signature plant-based products to capture the huge market opportunity from the global trend.

At SMS Innovation Center, we are dedicated to exploring the perfect blend of plant-based meat with real meat texture by enhancing firm bite, bouncy, and juicy textures that consumers prefer. 


The fibrous texture is commonly formulated using Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP) or Texturized Pea Protein (TPP). However, structured vegetable protein alone cannot imitate animal meat due to the lack of binding ability and firm bite.

SMS offers you a comprehensive system for plant-based meat via I-BIND™, an integrated blend of plant proteins and food texturizers specifically developed for all-purpose meat-like experience through texturizing and binding of plant-based meat. I-BIND™ enables you to broaden your recipes for plant-based culinary including meat patty, minced meat, meatball, stir-fried meat, and nugget by enhancing the firm-bite and bouncy & juicy texture of plant-based proteins. With only I-BIND, you can quickly and easily develop your own plant-based recipe on the way to grow more opportunities.

I-BIND™ provides versatile benefits: 
• Firm and Bouncy Bite
• Juicy Texture 
• Excellent Binding Ability (Mixing, Freezing, Grilling, Deep Frying, and Steaming) 
• Convenience
• Non-GMO
• Non-Allergen

I-BIND™ innovation is continually developed to create delightful meals for plant-based consumers. The diverse plant-based menus capturing consumers’ eating lifestyles are expanding the market wider than ever.

With SMS’s technical capabilities and footprint, we can help translate your great ideas into delicious food products. Our plant-based meat specialists can support you to formulate perfect meat analogs achieving the textures your customers are looking for. SMS Innovation Center is equipped with technologies, instruments, and most importantly expertise, always available to support your company toward greater innovations.

More information on recipes and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com