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Experience the charm of deep-fried meat product with the right crispness from


The crispy recipes are popularly enjoyed by people around the world. These deep-fried meat coating products have its own charm to attract consumers; enticing fried smell, crispness, and golden-brown appearance. However, when moisture moves rapidly to surface and causes an explosive effect which results the blow-off surface. For this reason, pre-dusting starch is commonly used to improve adhesion between meats and crusts in batter mix products.
SMS has launched S-TEX®PRO and S-TEX®A205, pre-dusting starches with superb abilities to enhance properties of batter mix products, which are applicable to all kinds of meats including poultry, pork, and seafood, to reach consumer’s preference.

S-TEX®PRO & S-TEX®A205 provides versatile benefits;
• High adhesion efficiency
• Save up 50% dosage level
• Yielding cost optimization
• Excellent process tolerance
• Freeze & Thaw stability
• Viscosity consistency

With S-TEX® Series, we make sure you can deliver the right charisma of deep-fried products.
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