Serving the favorable soup & sauce texture with GENIGEL® M78 sms-underline

Experience the most delicious and convenient soup with GENIGEL® M78

To enjoy an indulgent appetizer such as mushroom soup, gravy, or creamy soup, it is necessary to have the texture rightly smooth and tender. Responding to the DIY trend nowadays, consumers prefer to cook themselves for convenience but also demand the freshest and desirable texture.

SMS presents GENIGEL® M78 modified waxy tapioca starch designed with care for smooth and creamy texture in soup, sauce, and liquid foods. The exceptional properties of GENIGEL® M78 allows for a range of formulation to optimize solutions.

GENIGEL® M78 provides versatile benefits;
- Provide short and creamy texture
- Increase viscosity rapidly to liquid food products
- Excellent heat, acid, shear resistance
- Bland taste

With outstanding glossy appearance and high process tolerance of GENIGEL® M78 waxy tapioca starch, we ensure that consumers will experience the preferable texture, stability, and rich mouthfeel. More information on recipes and technical guidelines at