SAUCETEC Series Innovative Thickener for Sauce and Filling Products sms-underline

Indulge in a Desirable Mouthfeel Experience with SAUCETEC Series 

The key factor of savory sauce and filling is attractive appearance. Based on SMS’s expertise on sauce and filling industries, we know what consumers is looking for and what manufacturer would need to make perfect sauce and filling. SAUCETEC Series is formulated as excellent thickener that provides high viscosity and glossy appearance for bakery filling, gravies gel, or sauces and helps prolong shelf life.

SAUCETEC Series provides versatile benefits;
• Excellent freeze-thaw stability
• Heat, acid, and shear process resistance
• Enhance glossiness
• High viscosity
• Prolong product shelf life

Attract consumers by indulgent appearance with SAUCETEC Series
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