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Potato Starch is widely used in many applications in the food industry due to its performance in enhancing food properties.

However, recent years the price of potato has gradually increased and potato starch buyers are finally confronted with a severe short supply situation. There comes the alternative from other tuber crops, tapioca, the starches extracted from tapioca offer the same properties as potato does.
SMS is delivering solutions through innovative modified tapioca starches like potato starch alternative. The solutions with excellent functions such as texturizing, binding, thickening, elasticity and firmness improving which are perfectly applied in many food applications.

KREATION®OP– for Cheese dusting powder
SMS 454, KREATION® M2, KREATION® 10CL-  Texturizers for meat products
KREATION® EP, KREATION® D2, KREATION® 420- Texturizers for noodle and frozen food products
KREATION® 10CS- Texturizer for snack products

For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com.

Download our leaflet of ALTERNATIVE FOR POTATO STARCH.