ORGANICA Series: Organic Tapioca Products for natural life and healthy diet sms-underline

Organic products become more than just a trend, but it becomes lifestyle and the natural way of living that people desire.

The concern has risen to every ingredient in food products up to non-chemical raw material use in production.

SMS, we understand the consumer’s demand and healthiness preference, thus we come up with ORGANICA Series, the organic starch solutions with ultimate performances to be applied for various food ingredients; snacks, soups, sauces, and seasoning powders.

 ORGANICA Series provides wide range of benefits;
ORGANICA T1; a certified organic native tapioca starch which is applicable to provide superior texture, improve crispness and puffing ability.

ORGANICA 128; a certified organic tapioca maltodextrin specially applied for excellent solid replacer and efficiently enhances flowability.

ORGANICA 197; a certified organic pregelatinized tapioca starch with superb binding ability and meltability.

Meet the consumer’ preferences with healthful and natural products by our ORGANICA Series, the aesthetic of food you can have from nature.

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