Delivering the Best Care through Baby Foods with Low Chlorate Starch, Tapioca Starch-LPC. sms-underline

Tapioca Starch LPC for Baby Food

Well-nutritional balance, as well as food safety, are crucially important for all kinds of baby food because these two factors have profound effects on children’s development from birth. Therefore, safe ingredients are a critical component in every baby food formula. High-level intake of chlorate substance can inhibit thyroid hormone production resulting in adverse effects on the development of infants.

Recently, the European Commission has set regulation on the maximum residue of residual chlorate presence in infant and baby food at 10 ppb.


SMS offers Tapioca Starch-LPC, functional native tapioca starch with very low chlorate level in compliance with the European standards, enabling you to innovate baby food product labeling as a natural ingredient compliant with the European regulations. Tapioca Starch-LPC is an exceptional starch ingredient suitable for various baby food products including soup, sauce, baked goods, cereal, and snacks. You can now create safe food formulae for children while delivering the desirable texture preferred by children.

Tapioca Starch-LPC provides the following versatile benefits:

o Clean Label
o Low Chlorates Compliance with the European Regulations
o Improve Viscosity and Texture
o Extend Texture Stability Through Long Shelf-Life
o Non-GMO, Non-Allergen, Gluten-Free
o Bland Taste

Find the right way to formulate baby foods, deliver the best care in baby nutritional diet, ensure appropriate nutritional requirements and safety regulations with our Tapioca Starch-LPC.

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