KREATION® N-BIND - an excellent binding ability for plant-based meat sms-underline

Experience the meatless product with excellent flavor, taste, and texture just like real meat with KREATION® N-BIND

The future of food and protein source for human will go through huge changes this decade. Plant-based protein will gain market share against meat source due to lower resource consumption in farming plants compared to livestock. Taking less land, water, energy, and also generating less greenhouse gas.

To make an incredible meat, textured vegetable protein (TVP) is generally the main ingredient among others in combination with binding starch to make a patty. The meatless patty requires fibrous, firm, and chewy texture accustomed in regular meat patty. KREATION® N-BIND has been precisely formulated to bind all ingredients from breaking up during mixing, grilling, or frying while maintaining juiciness.

KREATION® N-BIND provides versatile benefits;
• Excellent protein binding ability
• High water binding capability
• Desirable elasticity of meat patty
• Maintaining fibrous like and juicy texture

You can now deliver sustainable plant-based protein that tastes flavorful with KREATION® N-BIND
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