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Desirable Texture with BAKE-N-SOFT F1

From global food reports, the trend of bakery consumption is stable during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the hybrid working model and self-isolated eating behavior, people tend to buy regularly for consumption at home because bread products are suitable and convenient for breakfast, launch and snacks. Most consumers state that taste and texture are still the key factors when choosing their bakery indulgence.

There are plenty of opportunities for manufacturers to capture the market by impressive quality and texture with BAKE-N-SOFT F1 – a functional waxy tapioca starch solution with unique attributes delivering ideal textures for perfect bread products.

BAKE-N-SOFT F1 provides the following versatile benefits:
• Indulgent softness
• Optimum chewiness
• Excellent moisture retention
• Prolonged product shelf-life

Keep developing cost-effective solutions to add value and a satisfying experience to your bread and bakery products with BAKE-N-SOFT F1.

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Soft and indulgent texture with BAKE-N-SOFT F1