Go Beyond Gelatin with KREATION® A115 sms-underline

Gummy jelly with “soft” and “chewy” texture is uniquely derived from gelatin.

Gelatin is derived from collagen which can be extracted from animal skin especially form pig. However, the use of gelatin is prohibited by religious reasons, vegetarian food, and also does not comply with food certificates, namely Halal and Kosher. Plus that African swine fever has affected pig population and led to a price increase of gelatin.

Moreover, the number of vegan population is highly increasing as well as the demand for cost reduction; the gelatin is reported to grow dramatically during 2017-2025.

SMS formulates the solution KREATION® A115 for confectionery manufacturers to overcome gelatin replacement which is suitable for Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan.

KREATION® A115 provides versatile benefits;

  • good film-forming property
  • chewiness and elasticity
  • improve glossiness
  • smooth appearance
  • 100% Gelatin replacement
  • Cost reduction

Explore more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com.