Experience PHYBOPLUS 2 - the choice to have a healthy life sms-underline

To have a healthier diet is to get your food full of fiber with PHYBOPLUS 2 

Traditional noodle made from rice and wheat flour does not contain much nutrient that body human actually needs but conversely it is stored as fat. Undeniably, people feel much better when there is high fiber content in their food. Hence, adding fiber into staple food such as noodle is the wholesome solution to boost up healthiness.

SMS found the way to implement nutrition by adding fiber into noodle products with PHYBOPLUS 2, tapioca-based resistant starch that functions as fiber. PHYBOPLUS 2 is applicable in fresh, dried, and instant noodle, and performs an elastic and smooth texture that consumers will enjoy.

PHYBOPLUS 2 provides versatile benefits;
• Capacity of fiber-added
• Smooth and elastic texture
• Easy process at 10-15% of flour
• Function as fiber to improve insulin sensitivity

Lift up the nutrition in the food products with PHYBOPLUS 2, serving healthfulness for the better diet.
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com