Deliver clean label yogurt to health lovers with Natura® Y808 sms-underline

clean label yogurt

“Yogurt” the indulgence of healthy and clean food every generation loves.

As yogurt gets more popular by the day in every country, the demand for clean label yogurt gets even stronger. No E-Number or any chemical sounding names in yogurt are what health conscious consumers look for.
SMS presents Natura® Y808, the functional native waxy tapioca starch with superior properties to meet the demand for clean label yogurt solutions.



Natura®Y808 provides versatile benefits;

- Excellent heat, acid, shear resistance
- Glossiness, creaminess, and smooth texture
- Viscosity stability
- Long shelf life
- No E-number
- Bland taste

Natura®Y808 is a natural product with exceptional properties made from waxy tapioca starch through clean label technology for the most concerned healthy market trend. More information on recipes and technical guidelines at