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Processed Cheese and Vegan cheese solution

The Most Flavorful Processed Cheese Experience with Effective Cost

The increase in processed cheese and vegan cheese market demands will continue to multiply at least through 2025, according to the global food trend. Cheese products have captured the huge market in many potential countries. Moreover, the rise of plant-based food consumption leads to versatile demands of cheese production for both processed and vegan formulations. To capture the most from the market growth, SMS provides successful starch solutions for manufacturers to improvise and generate their formulations to serve their customers. The customized starch solutions create the desired flavor and texture in line with consumers’ preferences. With a broad range of SMS innovative starch solutions, we can help you deliver processed cheese and vegan cheese products with the most desirable texture and experience.  

The growth of plant-based is driving the demand for alternative dairy products. Vegan cheese is one of the highly-demanded products. To generate the cheese texture and melt behavior, SMS provides the modified starch solutions required to enhance stretchy melt, creamy mouthfeel, emulsion stability, and great flexibility without any dairy ingredients. 

KREAMERY A25 and KREATION®PC (Gelling agent)
• Develop firm cheese texture with fast setting.
• Replace milk casein for cost reduction while being a non-dairy ingredient.

SAUCETEC P11 (Texturizing agent)
• Provides well-balanced creamy mouthfeel with firm cheese gel.

EMULTEC®908 (Emulsifier)
• Enhance emulsion stability, excellent resistance to oiling off during processing and storage.

modified starch for processed cheese
Solutions for plant-based cheese

With the popularity of processed cheese products in gastronomy worldwide, we can help food producers seize the opportunity with high-quality cheese products by improving meltability, textural performance (soft & firm), smoothness, excellent freeze-thaw stability, slice-ability, and shredability while being cost-effective.

KREATION®PC (Gelling agent)
• Replace milk casein for cost-effectiveness while being a non-dairy ingredient.
• Enhance firm texture with fast setting.

KREAMERY 755 (Texturizing)
• Balance cheese elasticity

Keep up to trend with our functional solutions for the perfect cheese experience for your customers.

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