Introducing DAVAMED™ C1: The Revolutionary Multi-Functional Excipient with Unmatched Quality Assurance sms-underline


SMS is thrilled to introduce DAVAMED™ C1, a game-changing excipient poised to transform the pharmaceutical industry. This innovative product, crafted from partially pregelatinized corn starch and rigorously tested to meet USP/EP standards, offers a multitude of benefits for manufacturers.

DAVAMED™ C1 boasts a unique combination of properties:

Free-Flowing Powder: Ensures smooth handling during production.

Exceptional Binding Capacity: Creates strong, consistent tablets.

Excellent Disintegration: Guarantees rapid drug release for optimal efficacy.

The true star of DAVAMED™ C1 lies in its cost-effectiveness. It can be seamlessly substituted for more expensive microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), leading to significant cost savings without compromising quality. Additionally, DAVAMED™ C1 improves production by being perfectly suited for direct compression and hard capsule filling, eliminating the need for complex granulation processes. But what truly sets DAVAMED™ C1 apart is its unwavering commitment to quality. We are immensely proud to announce that DAVAMED™ C1 has been certified a Drug Master File (DMF) certification by the USFDA.

What is a DMF certification? It's a prestigious designation granted by the US Food and Drug Administration that signifies the complete transparency and meticulous documentation of our manufacturing process. This comprehensive filing details every facet of DAVAMED™ C1's production, from the raw materials used to the rigorous quality control measures in place.

Earning a DMF certification is a rigorous process, and achieving it demonstrates our unwavering dedication to the highest quality standards. It allows our partners, pharmaceutical manufacturers, to confidently integrate DAVAMED™ C1 into their formulations, knowing it has undergone thorough scrutiny by a leading regulatory body.

For manufacturers seeking a cost-effective, high-performance excipient with unmatched quality assurance, DAVAMED™ C1 is the clear choice. Contact SMS today to learn more about how DAVAMED™ C1 can revolutionize your tablet production and elevate your commitment to patient safety.

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