D-PERSE® CAP – the shortcut to transform oil-based ingredient to powder sms-underline

Food manufacturers will be happy to experience this convenience and simplicity

Due to changing lifestyle of people, instant products have turned to be their choices as it serves convenience as well as tasty flavor. However, the difficulty in production is the high cost and complexity of spray drying.
SMS has developed the starch solution, D-PERSE® CAP, giving the super convenience way and utmost performance to help facilitate the food production with the least cost for food manufacturers.

D-PERSE® CAP provides versatile benefits; 

• Prevent oil separation
• Easy to transform liquid to powder without spray drying
• High oil loading capacity up to 50% while remaining free-flowing properties
• Excellent spreadibility of product
• Smooth appearance & light weight
• High Flavor and odor absorption
• Completely release oil and flavor when dissolved in cold or hot water.

D-PERSE® CAP Serving the convenience and perfect taste to the market. More information on recipes and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com