D-PERSE® 1 in Low Fat Yogurt delivers the healthy creaminess sms-underline

Yogurt is an all-day favorite, a healthy choice, full of good nutrition. 

It is contributing to a good digestion system and part of a balanced diet for weight management. New product developers are working to cater to the growing demand of health-conscious consumers.
You can now reduce the fat content in yogurt while maintaining an indulging and creamy mouthfeel. Available to you is D-PERSE®1 special maltodextrin, specially developed for low fat product with the same rich texture as traditional full fat yogurt.

D-PERSE®1 provides versatile benefits:
• Excellent fat replacer
• Indulgent creamy texture
• Melt-in-month
• Viscosity consistency

D-PERSE®1, you can deliver the indulgent yogurt that impresses consumers.
For more information about the recipe and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com