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Food is a complex system of biopolymers, including proteins, fat and carbohydrates.  Ingredients in foods and process conditions play a cooperative role on food texture by association of food micro-structure. Selecting the right ingredients is a key factor for food specialists to create the right texture as customer’s need. Consumers always prefer quality of food due to its freshness and desirable texture during the whole shelf life. However, chemical and physical reaction in a long process virtually impacts food quality.

Therefore, to preserve a good texture as long as possible leaves a challenge to us to reformulate starch solutions for food manufacturers to enhance body, excellent texture, remain the freshness and finest condition until the products reach end consumers. Learn more SMS texturizing solutions through several kinds of food products.

Sliced Bread, waxy tapioca starch based product, chewy texture

Sliced Bread

Consumers prefer their bread choices to be chewy and soft in texture throughout its shelf life. SMS has unique solutions to deliver texturally perfect bread products.

KREATION®D8 our cook-up modified starch improves softness, chewiness, and moisture retention while extending shelf life at room temperature.

With an outstanding texture of waxy tapioca starch-based, BAKE-N-SOFT F1, improves soft and chewy texture, moisture retention and extends the shelf life of bread products.

Cheese Bread

Cheese Bread

SMS modified starches enable producers create the unique textural experience of Brazilian cheese bread.

The KREATION®D8 together with GENIGEL®42 allows improved texture and moisture retention with enhanced dough binding and conditioning.

GENIGEL®42 is a pregelatinized starch delivering improved dough binding, conditioning and moisture retention for chilled and frozen dough. KREATION®D8, a cook-up modified starch enhances softness and chewiness in mouth feel.

Mochi Bread

The unique chewy texture of mochi bread products for Asian markets can be achieved with VERITY 8. It enhances bread creating a unique soft and chewy texture popular with Asian consumers. 

Frozen Dough

Freeze and thaw stability is essential for good quality frozen bakery products.

Using KREATION®D8 improves softness and chewiness while delivering good freeze and thaw stability.

Puffs & Pastries

You can create a long-lasting  crispy texture with our KREATION®BK in your puff & pastry products. KREATION®BK is a cook-up starch used to achieve a desirable crispiness and meet changing consumer preferences.

High-Fiber Cookies

Create delicious high-fiber bakery products with our modified starch in high-fiber cookies. PHYBOPLUS 1 is a resistant starch that enhances fiber content and improves crispiness in cookie products. 

Gluten-Free Bread

Baking challenges can be overcome by using GENIGEL®42  and KREATION®D8 for improved dough binding properties, good moisture retention, dough conditioner, softness & chewiness, and shelf life extension. Meantime, PREMIO R7, the rice flour is specially designed to enhance bread structure for gluten-free desirable texture. 


Bakable Fillings

Our KREATION®TU10 plays a role as a viscosifier and a stabilizer. You can ensure your filling has high resistance to all extremes without any texture or flavor changes and also prolongs shelf life. 

Cooked Ham

Consumers prefer cooked ham with a firm, elastic texture without purge. SMS provides starch solutions using KREATION® N-BIND, for enhancing firmness and smoothness, increasing cooking yield, reducing purge and decreasing process loss all without taste interference.

predust starch, tapioca starch


Predust coating is applied to improve batter adhesion and create an attractive and crunchy appearance. This application also reduces production costs and improves production yields for batter mix products. Using the S-TEX®Series can improve adhesion and prevent blow-off during the predust step, especially S-TEX®PRO and our new S-TEX®A205 for the superior adhesion of the seafood substrate.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of S-TEX®PRO and S-TEX® A205 for adhesion property.


Daifuku Mochi

Create this popular dessert with a chewy and glutinous texture with KREATION®D8 – the modified tapioca starch and PREMIO G9 – the waxy rice flour as dough improver that provide the right softness and elasticity to the mochi as well as excellent freeze-thaw stability. 

Sausage & Meat Balls

Now that processed meats are widely consumed, there is a solution for you to deliver a superior quality product with our modified starch, KREATION®20CL, SUPREME BF6 that effectively boosts firmness, elasticity, water-holding capacity, and high thermal resistance. Get the right texture and taste for your consumer with SMS’s innovative solutions.  

Elevate your products with PROTIMATE® PG28, the ultimate solution for incorporating plant-based protein. This premium pea protein isolate, boasting 80% protein content, is the key ingredient for crafting delectable meat alternatives with a satisfying texture or fortifying existing products like processed meats for an added protein punch.

Corned Beef

For processed meat, a salt-cured beef product really needs water absorbents and binding agents. Our KREATION®BG provides ultimate performance in texturing and binging ability while also enhancing high thermal resistance, to guarantee that the excellent meat quality is preserved. 

Fried Meat Balls

Serving ready-made food to consumers requires many additives to improve the product’s properties. We created KREATION®BG to provide increased expansion for meat balls, prevent texture collapse after frying, and improve water binding capacity.

meat patty, modified starch, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Meat Patty

Our solution BINDGEL® was created to solve the manufacturer’s challenges in enhancing binding properties, increasing cooking yield, and boosting holding capacity. Surely, you can serve the savory treat to meat lovers.  

Imitation Crab

To preserve the quality and utility of frozen meat products, KREATION®M2, our modified tapioca starch is here to help enhance firmness and elasticity for the desired texture. It also improves freeze-thaw stability, reducing drip loss at travel temperature.

Fish Ball

We formulated S-TEX®SP that performs as texturizer and binding agent to improve the elastic texture and water holding capacity while also increasing freeze-thaw stability to help you guarantee consumer satisfaction.

Fresh Wheat Noodles

Deliver savory noodles with KREATION®SS, the solution that improves softness and elasticity. We haves the solutions to provide what consumers are looking for in their fresh noodle dishes.

wheat noodle, instant noodle, modified starch, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร, บะหมี่สุกเร็ว

Instant Wheat Noodles

You can go beyond the competitive instant noodle market with KREATION®NE to help you improve texture by imparting a favorable softness and elasticity suitable for each noodle style. Moreover, the solutions are optimized to reduce cooking time which meets key consumer preferences.

Boost protein and elevate quality in your instant or dried wheat noodles with PROTIMATE® PG28, the plant-based protein solution. Perfect for health-conscious consumers.

pasta, modified starch, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Instant Pasta

VERITY®497, our pregelatinized starch, is specially formulated to provide excellent binding properties, giving the right texture and elasticity for your pasta even after reduced cooking times. With us, you can make sure to serve the best tasting pasta to your consumers.

Chilled and Frozen Wheat Noodles

Tap into the lifestyle of busy consumers with KREATION®D8, the solution designed to improve the softness and elasticity of the noodle texture during the chilling and freezing process. It also provides excellent freeze - thaw stability, to make sure the consumers will experience the right texture for their meal.

Long Life Wheat Noodles

KREATION®420 enables you to prolong noodle shelf life with high resistance to heat, acid, shear and high thermal processes while maintaining the softness and elasticity of the noodle texture. 

Extruded Snacks, pregelatinized starch, waxy tapioca starch, ขนมขบเคี้ยว, ขนมอบกรอบ, แป้งมันสำปะหลัง

Direct Expansion Snacks

Create a unique texture with our modified starch in direct expansion snack products. V-TEX® is a pregelatinized starch for improving puffing ability and delivering a crispy texture. While KREATION®OP is a cook up starch for improving crispy texture and expansion property.

Indirect Expansion

Consumers prefer Snacks with crispiness, good puffing ability and uniformity.  SMS 700 can effectively perform these functions. While using KREATION®10CS improves crispiness and functions as a potato starch alternative.

modified starch, wafer, เวเฟอร์อบกรอบ

Clean Label Wafers

Get crispy clean label wafer with Natura® STN. This enhances crispness and reduces cracking during production and distribution. The formulation can also be served in a clean label recipe.

rice cracker, glossy, seaweed, arare, senbei

Rice Crackers

KREATION® 20CL can improve crispness texture, increase puffing ability, and also improve product appearance. SMS modified starch can be used as a binder and a glazing agent.  KREATION® A11CX can improve the adhesion of seaweed, provides a smooth and glossy surface of snack products.

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