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low chlorate starch, baby food, clean label, natural ingredient SMS - The Global Leader of Modified Tapioca Starch

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low chlorate starch, baby food, clean label, natural ingredient

We take it seriously to ensure the safety of food given to children. At the same time, we realize how nutritional diets help boost children’s health and development. Well-nutritional balance and food safety are necessities for baby foods because they have profound effects on children’s development. Thus, safe ingredients are the prime obligation in baby food formulations requiring strict quality standards.

To ensure food safety for children, the European Commission has set a limit on the maximum amount of chlorate residue at 10 ppb for all kinds of baby foods. Accordingly, SMS offers a functional starch solution, Tapioca Starch-LPC, with superior performance in texturizing and thickening while containing a very low chlorate level in compliance with the European standards. Tapioca Starch-LPC can be applied to various baby food applications including snacks, baked goods, soup, and sauce ensuring consumers’ trust in a natural and clean label ingredient.

baby cracker, rice cracker, organic tapioca starch

Baby Crackers

Snack for a baby should be allergen-free, clean, and organic. Tapioca Starch-LPC is a functional native starch with a very low chlorate level meeting all the regulations of European standards. Tapioca Starch-LPC is suitable for baby snacks with the label - 'natural ingredient'.  

low chlorate starch for baby Soup and sauce

Low Chlorate Soup & Sauce

Tapioca Starch-LPC is functional native starches with a very low chlorate level, specially developed as a clean label solution suitable for baby foods with desirable viscosity and texture preferred by children.

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