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Starch is commonly used to thicken and impart body texture in various kinds of soups & sauces.  These products are available in wide range of acidity (pH), water activity (Aw), solid content depending on product characteristics.  Besides, they can be processed without heat or cooked before using. The major problems commonly found are phase separation and viscosity reduction during a long shelf life due to the loss of water holding property of damage starch granule.

This leads to the solutions by chemical or physical modification of starch that effectively performs as thickening agent; excellent resistance to extreme process while delaying retrogradation phenomena during long product shelf life. SMS provides thickening solutions for consumer selections.


Solutions are here to help you create  a fresh and indulgent experience for your savory bakery products. Our SAUCETEC Series provides a superior viscosity and stability for your fillings, furnish glossy appearance, gives an excellent resistance to acid, heat, and shear process, and also extends  the shelf life of your products in the finest condition.

Mixed Beverage

To serve the mixed beverage to the consumer's satisfaction, the right mouthfeel and flavor are the key. This challenge is now solved with KREATION®FM tapioca based starch which acts as a mouthfeel enhancer. This modified starch helps to adjust each beverage to the right level of viscosity without interfering with the desirable taste

Heat & Freeze Stable Dressing

The homogeneous texture and stable viscosity throughout its shelf life are important factors for dressings. Select the proper thickening system which can withstand vigorous processing is at the heart of creating a successful product. Using KREATION®TU10, a thickening starch, can provide viscosity along with a smooth and glossy texture.

It also resists heat, acid, shear, and enables good freeze-thaw stability maintaining good appearance throughout the shelf life.

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Instant Mayonnaise

For cold process mayonnaise, we can improve the viscosity using our pregelatinized starches, GENIGEL®48 and GENIGEL®M78. The viscosity can be rapidly developed after dissolving our starch in room temperature water. The smooth and glossy texture can be achieved even if it passes through high acid or high shear processes.

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Shelf Stable Soups, Sauces & Gravies

High viscosity and glossiness are important to the quality of soup and sauce products. Our SAUCETEC series, or KREATION®TU10 can be used as a thickener to achieve the desirable texture. 

The thickening starch provides excellent heat, acid and shear resistance. They maintain the preferable texture and stability of your products throughout the shelf life.

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Instant Soups, Sauces & Gravies

GENIGEL®M78, a modified waxy tapioca starch, can be used as an instant thickener to develop viscosity and texture rapidly by dissolving the starches in ambient temperature water. With outstanding benefits of waxy tapioca starch, GENIGEL®M78 enhances transparency appearance and high tolerance with process and freeze/thaw conditions.

Click here to explore the remarkable functionalities of GENIGEL®M78.

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