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Resistant Starch

Healthy trend is potential in the market and has become the mainstream recently. Food innovation found a way out to add more fiber into the staple food; it is call “Resistant starch”. Resistant starch is a type of starch that resists digestion in human small intestine and passes directly to cause the fermentation in the large intestine. This function of resistant starch plays itself as a dietary fiber. They act as prebiotic and feed good bacteria in the human gut, which benefit wholesomeness to human body system. It greatly improves insulin sensitivity, lowers blood sugar levels, heals gut, benefits heart health and also helps in weight loss.

As food innovation has evolved, SMS catches up the wellness demand by introducing PHYBOPLUS – the tapioca-based resistant starch that functions as fiber, to help you deliver the healthier products. PHYBOPLUS 1 & PHYBOLUS 2 is specially formulated to be applicable to many food applications such as bread, bakery, and noodle, providing the super fiber fortification as resistant starch and maintaining favorable texture quality.

High-Fiber Noodle

Adding fiber to traditional noodle is the wholesome solution to boost up healthiness. You can lift up the healthy diet with PHYBOPLUS 2  tapioca-based resistant starch, applicable for both fresh, dried & instant noodle. PHYBOPLUS 2 helps enrich fiber content, easy to process at 10-15% of flour, reduce calorie, smooth & elastic texture.


High-Fiber Cookies

Create delicious high-fiber bakery products with our modified starch in high-fiber cookies. PHYBOPLUS 1 is a resistant starch that enhances fiber content and improves crispiness in cookie products. 

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Fiber Fortification in Animal Nutrition

Take care to your lovely pet by adding more fiber to their diet with our resistant starch, PHYBOPLUS 2. This fortifying starch contains 85% dietary fiber, reduces calories and also provides a stable structure for pet food products. This is the most suitable solution for dog lovers to treat their dogs with care.



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