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The Most Convenient way to Transform oil-based liquid to free-flowing powder

Consumer rates snacks by taste, texture, and appearance. The texture and appearance can be adjusted by the perfect texturizing system while the taste can be desirable by a good seasoning system. Adhering of seasoning on snack surface without loss during processing and transportation is the crucial factor for good organoleptic taste and cost optimization. Generally, Maltodextrin is commonly used as plating agents to convert the liquid phase into free-flowing powder to improve the absorption of both water and oil-based liquid substance.

SMS can help the producers to minimize this loss and ensure to maximize consumer’s taste preference by introducing high ultimate performance of plating agent - oil powder which facilitates the transformation of diversify liquids into free-flowing powder effectively and offer cost-optimized compared to a traditional spray-drying technique.

Oil-based Seasoning Powder

SMS developed a plating agent, which functions by dry blending liquid onto a solid carrier creating a free-flowing oil-based powder. This plating agent, D-PERSE®CAPis a specially developed to increase surface area for excellent oil loading capacity. It can be applied with oil-based seasoning powder.  




Powdered Clouding Agent

Powdered Clouding Agent

KREATION® PR as a plating agent provides the most convenient way to transform emulsion into dry powder without a spray drying process, and facilitates a high loading capacity up to 60% with excellent free-flowing properties.

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