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Organic Starch SMS - The Global Leader of Modified Tapioca Starch

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Organic Starch

Nowadays, consumers have greatly grown interests in healthy well-being and it is stated that organic market is reported to outgrow 14% annually in the next few years.

Undeniably, natural organic is the competitive advantage that encourages purchasing decision. SMS has established an ORGANICA series product assortment with dedicated production process certified by international organic standards. You can become part of the value chain with us delivering excellent starch profile along with wellness.

  • ORGANICA T1 – a certified organic native starch which is applicable to improve crispness and puffing ability.
  • ORGANICA 128 – a certified organic maltodextrin specially applied for excellent solid replacer that improves flowability.
  • ORGANICA 197 – a certified organic pregelatinized tapioca starch with excellent binding ability and meltability.
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Organic Instant Soups, Sauces & Gravies

The market demand for organic food including organic instant soups, sauces, and gravies has been on the rise. Organic starch is a key ingredient in food recipes. ORGANICA 197, an organic pregelatinized tapioca starch serves as an instant thickener easily soluble without lumping. Its bland taste would make your soups and sauces naturally tasty and healthy. 

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Organic Seasoning Powder

ORGANICA 128 is an organic maltodextrin specially developed for seasoning and premixed products. It can be used as a solid replacer improving flowability of the product. For the seasoning powder, ORGANICA 197 which is an organic pregelatinized starch can be used to improve the binding ability of seasoning on the product. 

Organic Rice Cracker

Organic Rice Cracker

If going for organic, we offer ORGANICA T1, organic native tapioca starch, and ORGANICA 197, an organic pregelatinized tapioca starch to provide a light crispy texture and improve melt-ability, and puffing ability. The superior texture along with wellness could be achieved at the same time through these starch solutions.

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