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Demand of healthy food is increasing due to people adopt a strong attitude toward healthy life.  Most consumers want foods with minimal fat but the taste must still be indulgent. Reducing fat content in foods including bake goods, dairy and mayonnaise will distract food characteristics in terms of texture profile, mouth feeling, and organoleptic properties. This could challenge manufactures to develop low-fat foods with similar qualities to full-fat foods.

SMS provides outstanding solutions for low-fat foods.  You can surely deliver the right creamy texture and indulgent mouthfeel to your consumers while conforming minimal fat content.

Butter Cream

Reducing fat in butter cream can cause a loss of the creamy texture. Our VERITY 353 has a high capacity for fat replacement, delivering the same creamy texture as original butter cream.

Zero Fat Yogurt

Healthy products for health-conscious consumers are a hit now. However, when fat is removed from yogurt, the product lacks the normal mouthfeel.

By this, SMS has introduced versatile solutions: D-PERSE®1 – a special tapioca maltodextrin, Natura R1 – a functional rice starch, and Natura G3 – a functional waxy rice starch that can mimic the mouthfeel of regular yogurt and provide the distinct creamy mouthfeel and fat-like experience as consumer’s preference.


Low Fat Ice Cream

Keep up with the trend of low fat ice cream with LYTETEC, the solution that performs as fat replacer. You can keep delivering the right mouthfeel and texture to satisfy your consumer’s health conscious preferences.

Low Fat Mayonnaise

Reduction of fat in the recipe reduces the palatability and mouthfeel of the dressing. Solve the challenge by using LYTETEC® – a modified tapioca starch and Natura R1- a functional native rice starch as fat replace which efficiently provide richer mouthfeel nearly identical to a full fat recipe.


Plant-based Coffee Creamer

Plant-based Coffee Creamer

The target is to maintain a smooth and creamy mouthfeel in dairy-free coffee creamer identified as a healthy vegan choice. Plant-based ingredients such as almond, oat, and coconut milk are a common choice as milk replacers in dairy-free creamer. However, the lack of milk protein, especially sodium caseinate, results in poor emulsion, lack of whiteness, and creamy mouthfeel.

To overcome these challenges, KREAM® VG is specially developed for dairy-free creamer. It achieves high-oil loading, excellent emulsion stability, smooth and creamy mouthfeel. As a milk protein replacer, KREAM®VG is suitable for all kinds of spray-dried fat powder.

Vegan coconut creamer

Vegan Coconut Creamer

Coconut creamer is a popular addition to many kinds of foods and beverages. Coconut creamer provides appetizing taste, odor, and mouthfeel. Coconut cream is usually produced in powder form for convenient use. In a regular coconut creamer sodium caseinate derived from milk protein is still applied as an emulsifier.

To meet the needs of plant-based solutions, SMS offers a vegan solution with KREAM®VG, modified tapioca starch, serving as an excellent emulsifier in oil-based products and as a sodium caseinate replacer in vegan coconut creamer.

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